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Artistry  ~  Design  ~  Technology

My work concentrates primarily on horology - the making of timepieces.

These clocks challenge the imagination, ranging from the simple to the complex, from the classical to the whimsical.  Much attention is focused on the design in attempt to create a true artistic form.  These timepieces feature a unique counter-rotating movement, as seen in this time-lapse video.

My furniture features clean, functional design with sharp lines. Each piece is constructed of carefully selected hardwoods and is meticulously hand finished.  I use traditional joinery to assure many years of service.  

My art is truly eclectic and often opportunistic.  Some pieces are carefully planned, while others are born of beautiful bits left over from my other work.

Most of my work is commissioned - I work with a client to understand how a piece will be used or displayed, then design and build it to satisfy the circumstance.  If you are interested in exploring a custom piece or inquiring about one for sale here, please contact me. 

To see where my work is being exhibited, look here:

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